You must choose the kind of material your project needs as you consider your metalworking requirements. The transition metal zirconium, which is silver-grey, is one of the greatest materials and is widely employed in many different industries. Check out these zirconium facts. You may be surprised if you don’t know them yet.  

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Top Questions People Ask About Zirconium

What Is Zirconium?  

In essence, zirconium is a chemical element that exhibits a sturdy and solid metal when exposed to ambient temperature. If you want a refined version of the substance, it must go through a challenging physicochemical procedure.    

What Are the Applications of Zirconium?  

Heat exchangers, pipes, fittings, lamp filaments, laboratory crucibles, catalytic converters, surgical instruments, television glass, furnace bricks, and many more can be made from zirconium alloys.  

What Benefits Metalworking Industries Get from Using Zirconium?  

This element is known for being malleable and ductile, yet it’s also very resistant to water, steam, high temperatures, and corrosion. In terms of qualities and traits, it resembles steel quite a bit. Likewise, this makes it perfect for settings where the metal components are exposed to harsh conditions.    

Who Used or Discovered It?    

It has long been understood to be one of the elements present in gemstones. But it wasn’t until 1789 that it was recognized as an element. When Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist, was attempting to examine zircon at the time, he made the discovery.  

Further, a Swedish chemist named Jöns Berzelius could isolate the element 35 years later, though not in its purer form. When Dutch chemists Jan Hendrik de Boer and Anton Eduard van Arkel broke down zirconium tetraiodide in 1925, they successfully isolated pure zirconium.  

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Looking for Additional Zirconium Information?    

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