For thousands of years, people have used heat to shape metals into tools and equipment. After introducing steel forgings and metalworking, more substantial, sharper, and durable tools made labor efficient and more productive. Blacksmiths, who used only fire and hammers to create metal equipment, were the forerunners of today’s welders. So, are blacksmiths and welders the same?

Welder making steel forgings

What Is the Difference Between Welding and Blacksmithing?

People are currently engaged in a variety of metalworking activities, including blacksmithing and welding. Although they are two very distinct professions, they may have more in common than you realize.

What Is Blacksmithing?

The black in blacksmithing derives from fire scale and oxides that develop on heated metal, giving it a black appearance. The word smithing is derived from the verb smite, which implies to strike. A blacksmith is a person who works with metal to forge products. They nearly solely use iron and steel in their work. Blacksmiths shape the metal they work with tools. Blacksmiths utilize a forge to heat their metal to make various tools and other equipment, including cutting, bending, and hammering the material. Material isn’t removed as easily in blacksmithing as it is in contemporary machining. Instead, it is simply hammered into the desired shape with minimal waste. Even when holes are punched into the metal during blacksmithing, the metal is frequently reorganized and reincorporated into the piece rather than being removed entirely.

What Is Welding?

Welding is the most cost-effective and efficient technique to fuse two pieces of metal permanently. Welding essentially heats two pieces of metal to the point where they can melt and fuse together. Today, everything from coffee machines to skyscrapers to spacecraft uses welding.


Welders are essentially a modernized version of what used to be a single component of a blacksmith’s employment. That was forge welding in action. Without the innovation and skills used by blacksmiths in the past, we would not have welding today.

Blacksmith welding steel forgings

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