When it comes to investing in the proper components for your next project, one method you should consider is investment castings. This method can utilize alloy castings and more to make the best components possible.

The Process

There are primarily two ways that investment castings are made, gravity fed and vacuum casting. Gravity fed casting utilized the natural force of gravity to aid the molten materials in filling the castings. Vacuum casting uses gas or air pressure to help the materials reach all of the intricate parts of the casting. Both have their advantages and determining which is best for your next project will depend on the specifics.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit of using investment castings is that the process does not require secondary machining, which saves you a lot of money and time. Not having to further work the finished product allows you to cut costs and get working at the job site. Another big benefit is how durable these products are. Parts made by investment casting can be made from a wide variety of alloys that have a wider variety of applications.

Real World Applications of Investment Castings

Because so many different types of alloys can be used to craft these products, you see them in a wide variety of industries. The most common ones are:

  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Road construction
  • Coal mining
  • Steel production
  • Heat treating
  • Railroad
  • Food equipment
  • And much more

Investment castings are all around you at any point in your day. You should consult our office and see if investment castings are right for your next project.

What are alloy castings?

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