Inconel is a specially developed metal that can withstand far higher temperature temperatures compared to other metals. Its tensile strength and durability are the features that attract most of its users. While it is often used in the harshest industrial applications, Inconel can be used in other ways.

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Uses and Applications for Inconel Alloys

Chemical and Petrochemical Processing

Chemical and petrochemical processing requires high strength and high corrosion resistance metals to process it properly. Inconel is the best metal for this process because it can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive gases. It also has great resistance to acids, such as sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, and hydrochloric.

Pollution Control Equipment

Pollution control equipment such as incinerators, catalytic reactors, and biofilters, need heat and corrosion-resistant superalloys to burn and process waste safely. In addition to high-temperature resistance, these types of equipment also require a certain resistance to oxidation and carburization. Inconel is often used in these machines because of its inherent resistance to such conditions.

Rocket and Motor Engines

Inconel is used in various applications, including automobile engines and jet engines. Engines that create a lot of heat and strain require a light, efficient, and dependable metal that can endure these conditions while remaining strong and stable. Inconel alloys perform best under such extreme circumstances.

Nuclear Powerplant

Inconel is frequently used in nuclear power plants because it requires high strength, high corrosion resistance, and excellent elevated temperature performance to stabilize the plant.

Seawater Cooling

Power and processing plants that use seawater for cooling need a metal that can withstand this extremely corrosive environment. Inconel is utilized in this situation because it won’t break down in these conditions.

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